Merthyr Swimming Lessons Level 7

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Swimming Lessons Level 7


1. Demonstrate an underwater push and glide with 3 dolphin kicks into 25m Frontcrawl (following FINA Stroke Rules)

2. Demonstrate an underwater push and glide with 3 dolphin kicks into 25m Backstroke (following FINA Stroke Rules)

3. Demonstrate an underwater push and glide into 20m Breaststroke (following FINA Stroke Rules)

4. Demonstrate an underwater push and glide with 3 dolphin kicks into 20m Butterfly (following FINA Stroke Rules)

5. Swim 100m Individual Medley (Continuous swim, 25m of each stroke in the following order – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Frontcrawl)

6. Swim 200 metres continuously, using at least 3 different strokes (following FINA Stroke Rules)

7. Perform a plunge dive (minimum depth of 1.8m)

8. Tread water using an egg beater action whilst passing and catching a ball with a partner for 30 seconds

9. Swim 25m through an obstacle course that has a minimum of four challenges.

10. In a group demonstrate a series of skills, including sculling, rotation, floating and treading water, for a minimum of 45 seconds.

11. Take part in a relay race.

Lessons are sold in blocks and need to be pre-purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nervous about learning to swim? 2017-08-20T09:20:47+00:00

If your child is nervous about learning to swim, then we offer confidence building classes (Splash & Play) where parent/guardian will join us in the pool. It is the perfect way to start. If mum/dad/grandmother/granddad doesn’t swim then 1:1 lessons are recommended until a basic level of water confidence is reached.

What should we bring to lessons? 2017-08-01T08:31:29+00:00

Just swimsuit and towel. Goggles are optional, and we provide all equipment including buoyancy aids for all swimmers.

What do we do when we arrive for our first lesson? 2017-07-23T11:20:38+00:00

Inform reception you are here for your lesson with Swim Champs, they will buzz you through to changing areas. Change and proceed to poolside where our team with meet you, introduce themselves, call registers and then start lessons. If there is a lesson being taught, please wait patiently to one side until one of the instructors comes over. Thank you

What should parents do during lesson time? 2017-07-01T22:40:33+00:00

There is no spectating on poolside, but every venue has a designated waiting area for parents to sit and chill- often with a tv screen showing the lessons. Parents are not permitted to leave the site during lesson time.

Who will be teaching my child to learn to swim? 2017-06-23T09:30:56+00:00

All our swimming teachers are fully qualified instructors holding ASA qualifications and DBS checks. Staff are also regularly trained by Swim Champs to deliver our own unique methods of delivery

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim? 2017-05-23T09:21:14+00:00

Every child is an individual. Regular visits to the pool and consistency in attending lessons all help

How long is each course of lessons? 2017-05-01T09:21:42+00:00

Our weekly lessons run parallel to school terms- usually consisting of 7/8 weeks

What happens during school holidays? 2017-03-23T11:20:01+00:00

We run intensive crash courses during school holidays. Here swimmers come in Monday-Friday for additional lessons (also for longer durations) to continue their learning pathway.

How often are swimmers assessed? 2017-02-23T11:19:20+00:00

Swimmers will undergo a formal assessment at the end of each course of lessons, and parents will be informed via a slip of paper as to whether swimmers have achieved all learning outcomes therefore passing their current level and moving up to the next class, or needing to repeat a course until outcomes are achieved

If a swimmer passes a level or achieves a distance swim are badges and certificates available? 2017-01-23T11:20:19+00:00

Yes- these will all be awarded at the end of each course. All swimmers swimming correct strokes unaided will complete a distance swim and offered a reward. All badges and certificates can be purchased poolside from teachers at a price of £4 per set

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