Swim Champs Terms & Conditions

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Your Child’s Safety And Security Are Our Highest Priority

The Swim Champs Director is available to deal with any enquiries and will be the point of contact between all the Swimming Instructors.

You can contact Laura/Dave on 07826 949554 or email info@swimchamps.co.uk

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please provide the Swim Team with any information regarding any special needs or medical history.
  • All swimmers should use the showers and toilets before the lessons.
  • Swimmers should only enter poolside a few minutes prior to the start time of lessons, due to Health and Safety reasons, and so not to distract other learners.
  • Swimmers must not enter the water until instructed to do so by their instructor.
  • Parents/guardians should be aware that they are responsible for their children whilst they are in the changing area.
  • Parents/guardians should avoid disrupting the lessons by communicating with the swimmers.
  • Regular visits to the pool between lessons will help swimmers get the most out of this course.
  • Jewellery should not be worn.
  • If your swimmer chooses to wear goggles, they may be instructed to remove them at certain points during the lessons.
  • Once you have made a booking for any course (group or private lessons), there will be no refunds issued.
  • All lessons purchased must be carried out during the term enrolment dates (unless a medical note is issued).
  • For information on which class to start your swimmer in, please see ‘Swim Champs Guide to Swimming Lessons’.
  • Swim Champs has a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY policy.
  • Swim Champs does not accept liability for lost or damaged items that may have been left in the changing areas.
  • Swim Champs has a child behaviour policy during lessons: if a child becomes disruptive, they will be given a verbal warning in the first instance. If this continues, they will be asked to sit on the side for a 5-minute cool-down period, so not to disturb the learning of others in the class. If bad behaviour persists, the swimmer will be asked to leave the poolside and return to their parents.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the building.
  • No shoes are to be worn on poolside.
  • Parents are all expected to remain in the building during their child’s swim lessons.
  • Please be respectful of members + staff when congregating poolside. Ensure a clear pathway is left through to changing facilities for anyone needing to exit poolside.
  • There is no spectators area on poolside, parents are asked to wait in designated waiting areas during lessons.
  • Running is not permitted on poolside or in the changing facilities.
  • All members of Swim Champs are permitted to follow appropriate behaviour policies including: Child Protection, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Racism Policy.
  • Only block bookings are accepted. Individual lessons are provided as part of an overall course of lessons and cannot be taken as one-off events.
  • No refunds can be made for missed lessons.
  • For all private 1:1/1:2 lessons, payment must be made in full before the lesson starts, and a full 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations, otherwise full price of the lesson will be charged.
  • In the event of a child being enrolled in the wrong class after our teachers assessments, we will try our best to accommodate a class swap to a more appropriate level (subject to availability), but no refunds will be given.*Please note you cannot transfer from group to private lessons, these have to be booked separately.